Lake Powell jet ski rentals

Saguaro Lake is located about 43 miles from our location in Phoenix

AZ Xtreme Jet Ski Rentals

AZ Xtreme offers  quality Jet Ski rentals for Phoenix and the surrounding areas including Lake Pleasant and Bartlett Lake. The personal watercraft, also known as Jet Ski, Sea doo, skidoo & Waverunner are a thrill seekers dream, allowing one to access remote waterways and fly across the glassy waters of Arizona making for a once and a life time experience.    

Our Lake Powell Rentals receive the NEWEST Skis we have usually the same year Models, to help put you at ease. And still save you hundreds  

AZ Xtreme offers its customers top of the line Jet Ski Rentals. All of our Jet Ski’s are 3 seaters  and make riding on the lake a fun, exhilarating, and an enjoyable experience for all.

We have a  selection of Jet Skis and Waverunners from Yamaha .

AZ Xtreme Rentals FULL DAY affordable price list

  • Monday-Thursday(Full Day)
  • 1 ski = $250   2 Skis = $350  (follow our Facebook for Deals)

  Fuel/Tax not included

  • Friday-Sunday ( Full Day)
  • 1 ski = $250  2 Skis = $400  (follow our Facebook for Deals)

   Fuel/Tax not included

  • Call 602-625-1668 for Multi-day Rate pricing on jet ski rentals

  Prices are subject to change without notice

  • Deposits:
  • Deposits must be done on a credit card by a person 21 or older. Credit card holder must be the rental contract signer.
  • Per Jet Ski -  $500.00

 ‡Compared to 1 Ski $400 for (4 hours) or $590 (8hours) through other establishments.

Included in all of our Jet Ski rentals is a trailer, 2 PWC 4-stroke three person Waverunners / Sea-doo, (unless single rental) life vests, 2 Anchor bags enabling our customers to be prepared for everything they need on the water. Az Xtreme Asks that you Tread Lightly even in water.

Lake Pleasant Jet Ski Rentals

Canyon Lake is located 64 miles from our location in Phoenix.

Bartlett lake is located 38 miles from our location in Phoenix

Canyon Lake jet ski rentals

Length: 9 miles

Shoreline : 116 miles

Surface area : 7,500 acres

Elevation : 1,700 Feet

Pick up your skis in Phoenix and save hundreds for Lake Powell Multi-day rentals

Saguaro Lake Jet Ski Rentals

Bartlett Lake Jet ski Rentals