Q - How old do I need to be to rent / sign the contract?
A - We require that the person signing the contract is 21 years of age or older.

Q - Can I send my credit card with someone else and have them pick up the Waverunners for me?
A - No. The card holder has to come to pickup the vessels/vehicle because they have to sign the contract.

Q - How long will it take for the deposit charge on my credit / debit card to be refunded?
A - Typically it takes an average of 7-10 business days for the funds  to be released.

Q -  What lakes can I take the Waverunners to?
A - You can take the Waverunners to any fresh water lake. You cannot take the Waverunners in salt water or to Mexico.

Q - Can you deliver the Waverunners to lake Pleasant for me?
A - No we dont

Q - Do you have a trailer that will hold 4 Waverunners?
A - no

Q - Is fuel Included?
A - No, Fuel is your responsibility. All jet ski's go out full and need to be returned full.  Typically consumption: VX110 16 gal/day.

Q - What time do I pick up and drop off the equipment?
A - You may pick up the rental equipment the night before the first day of your rental period. Everything must be returned by 5:00 pm on the final day of your rental period to avoid paying late fees. You will be charged $50 per Jet Ski per half-hour Past agreed return time. There are no refunds for early returns, call  (602) 625-1668 for availability.

Q - How often do I need to fill up the jet skis with gas?
A - When the tank is full, our jet skis will generally run between 4-5 hours depending on your speed and the duration of your ride.